Roof Ice Dam Removal

Winter might be a beautiful season, but the cycles of melting and freezing that can occur on the roofline causes roof ice dams to form. This often happens because heat escapes from the rest of the house, up into the attic, causing the snow on the roof to melt. The cold weather outside causes the snow to freeze up again, creating a dam of ice on the roof that can lead to severe damage and other problems.

For many homes, roof ice dam removal is a vital service needed to prevent roof damage from occurring. Aluminum’s Masters is proud the be the service provider many homeowners count on for their ice dam removal needs. It is important to have an ice dam removed, and not just wait for it to naturally melt away as the weather heats up, because the water can get under the shingles of your roof, causing problems, as it gets into your home where it can cause even more problems.

Let the Professionals Handle It for you

It takes a skilled professional like the experts at Aluminum’s Masters brave the steep icy slopes of your roof for you. Some homeowners try to handle the job on their own, but they put themselves at risk. Falling off a roof can result in serious bodily injuries, yet ice dams can also present a hazard for those down below. This is not to mention the potential damage to your roof that can occur. The result can be an expensive disaster that cost you even more than just money.

Reasonable, Competitive Rates

Roof ice dam removal does not have to be an expensive ordeal. Aluminum’s Masters offers affordable, competitive rates, allowing you to get this important work done to your home without having to struggle with a heavy financial burden. You can contact us for a free quote. One of our friendly, knowledgeable professionals will show up to your home and do an inspection. We show up on time, every time. This is true not only for when you are getting a quote, but for the actual service. The experts at Aluminum’s Masters know how to get the work done quickly, professionally, and efficiently.

Does It Really Have to Be Removed By a Professional ?

There are a lot of different methods floating around about how to remove a roof ice dam. Some of the methods do not even require getting up on the roof, but they are not safe methods, neither for the person that performs them, nor for the roof itself. By allowing the expert team at Aluminum’s Masters handle the job you can protect your home and your roof from damage while staying safely inside where it is nice and warm.

Don’t let an ice dam ruin your roof, costing you much more in repairs than the cost of simply having it removed. We can take care of it so that you do not have to. Contact us today. At Aluminum’s Masters, you are covered.Contact us today. At Aluminum’s Masters, you are covered.